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Guest Lecture Series

IAJF Public Affair Committee (PAC) in collaboration with the Consulate General of Israel in Los Angeles, and other organizations presents a series of lectures. The mission of the series is to raise awareness about anti-Semitism and identify ways to combat it by bringing distinguished individuals for presentations on its various aspects and the urgent need to address it.
Hatred & Violence Promoted by Palestinian Media
By: Dr. Itamar Marcus
Iranian American Jewish Federation hosted a lecture by Dr. Itamar Marcus, the founder of Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) on Monday, January 22, 2018. PMW is an Israeli research institute, dedicated to studying Palestinian society from a broad range of perspectives by monitoring and analyzing the ideologies disseminated and reproduced through Palestinian media and schoolbooks which shape the future of peace negotiations and promote anti-Semitism and violence against Jews.

Dr. Marcus, along with his team, has conducted extensive research on the Palestinian media, and school textbooks at different levels and focuses on the ways hatred against Jews and Israelis is expressed, legitimized, and reproduced. PMW also investigates the influential role of textbooks on learners’ mentality and the ways student worldviews are affected.

The findings of his studies reveals that Palestinian authorities use the media as a medium through which anti-Semitic views are promoted. For instance, the portrayal of Jews and Israelis as demonic characters in several animated series shapes and manipulates the framework of ideas and attitudes of the Palestinians from the earliest stages of childhood. Moreover, these children are frequently exposed to weapons through TV shows which promote violence inciting them to murder Jews and commit suicide bombings. He concludes that these children are indeed the victims of the propaganda controlled and funded by the government which transfers them to terrorists and suicide bombers.

Dr. Marcus has spoken on this subject, presented the results of his analyses all around the world and has addressed politicians and policy makers. PMW has developed significant achievements in this regard illuminating and elaborating on the acts of incitement by the Palestinian authorities which stands in stark contrast to their message to the international community, the current duality in PA's domestic and international policies.

PMW documentation has impacted the standpoint of key politicians around the world including President Trump and European leaders funding Palestinian institutes.

The presentation was followed by a Q&A  session with Dr. Marcus, moderated by Mr. Sam Kermanian, IAJF Senior Advisor,  which provided an opportunity for the audience to express their ideas and learn more. 

To read more about PMW, please click here.