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Iranian American Jewish Federation (IAJF)

Women Committee

The main goal of the Women Division of IAJF is to work with member organizations of IAJF in identifying social issues facing the Iranian Jewish Women in our community, with special emphasis on the welfare of our families, and youth within our community.

Women Division   Intends to develop a plan that would address these issues and coordinate with member organization to put this plan into action.

To implement this goal in two separate occasions we invited the Boards of Directors of affiliated organizations for joint meetings. A questionnaire was past around and the opinion of organizationís leaders were asked. Subsequently the issues identified as most pressing were discussed and analyzed by the group. The result and summery of these findings will be soon be published in Shofar Magazine.



1-     The advocacy:  From the outcome of the questionnaires, the most pressing issues will be identified and specific goals of providing recommendations and solutions will be offered. Legislative bills effecting issues facing families in general and women in particular, in our community will be addressed.


2-     Events  The Board of Directors and the members of of all affiliated Jewish service Organizations, plus the public will be invited to educational events addressing the identified problems in our community as well as in our nation. We will hold Seminars on religion, issues pertinent to the security of Israel, History of Jewish religion, Hebrew and Group Bat Mitzvah classes, special Shabbat dinners, celebration of Holidays and so on. Our next Group Bat Mitzvah is scheduled for June 4th.

3-      A family Mission trip to Israel:   In a historical and unforgettable family trip to Israel in October of 2009 our ladies became Bat Mitzvah on top of Massadda and our gentlemen were Bar Mitzvah in front of Kotel.

4-     Community Calendar: The womenís Division will oversee the community calendar on the Jewish Federationís Web site, informing all organizations of each otherís schedule of events planed for the upcoming year.


5- Women Division will be assisting Public relation and Jewish Singles group in building "IAJF Connection" site for singles.

List in progress











All funds donated to the IAJC, IAJF and Emergency Fund are used for goods and services in the United States of America.