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The Iranian American Jewish Federation


Holocaust Memorial and the Role Iran Played During Holocaust,

on April 26th, 2014 at the Federation's Neman Hall which was open to all nationalities and faiths.


The distinguished guests:
Honorable Mr. David Siegel, the Israeli Consul General,

Rabbi David Wolpe, from Sinai Temple,

Rabbis Dr. Norbert Weinberg and Dr. Isaac Norman from Temple Bet El,

Mrs. Renee Firestone, a Holocaust survivor,

and Dr. Ari Babaknia, author of 4 books of Holocaust in Farsi and Humanity NOT, made very moving speeches. 
Professor Majid Mohammadi from New York and Professor Atina Grossman from Berlin had shared their  valuable messages via skype.

March of the Living, lighting six candles in memory of six million perished Jews by six Holocaust survivors and a special presentation of a Steven Spielberg Holocaust documentary made this program more memorable and unforgettable.

Mr. Mike Nazarian, Chairman of the Board and Mrs. Shahla Javdan, the President culminated the program with their truthful and enlightening words.










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