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End of Summer Party

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August 2012 - Weekly Activities

Jewpers is a group with Jewish and Persian background to host the members of the young generation with its programs and events. 

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to create and maintain an eclectic atmosphere for the members of the Jewish Persian young community to achieve social growth by being active in the society, and enjoy social, cultural, educational, and recreational programs along with other members.  

Jewpers will be innovative in organizing its social, cultural, educational, and recreational programs and events which would include the following:

    • Weekly Social Gatherings:
      • Movie nights
      • Lectures by distinguished guests (on psychology, sociology, etc.) 
      • Literature and poetry nights
      • Music performance
      • Book nights
      • “Jewperdy” contests


    • Events:
      • Art and literature contests
      • Variety contests (e.g., Jewpers Got Talent!)
      • Occupational networking
      • Music performance
      • Celebration of distinguished characters
      • Parties
      • Reunions
      • Seminar and lectures
      • Plays
      • Inter-organizational cooperative programs
      • Introducing entrepreneurs
    • Recreational Activities:
      • Hiking
      • Biking
      • Tours
      • One-day trips

Photo Alboms:

Photos from meetings

Jewpers in Israeli parade











All funds donated to the IAJC, IAJF and Emergency Fund are used for goods and services in the United States of America.