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* to watch RITA  please click here or here or here ........... 

* The Italian newspaper,Corriere della Sera published an urticle about RITA  and the people in Iran.Please click here to listen in Farsi.

*Radio Israel's report about RITA 's concert (in Farsi) click here Novovember 2, 2012

Tickets are available at the following locations:

UCLA Box Office    (310) 825 2101

Ticketmaster          (800) 745 3000 www.ticketmaster.com

Sherekat Ketab       (310) 477 7447 or (818) 905 0808

Muisc Box              (310)473 3566

Sound City             (310) 479 8495

Q Market               (818) 205 1650

Elat Market            (310) 659 7070             

IAJF Office             (323) 654 4700 To choose avaialabe seats in IAJF office                             please click here. Only the seats which have numbers are                            availabe in the office, the rest of the seats have been                                  assigned to the other above selling locations.









All funds donated to the IAJC, IAJF and Emergency Fund are used for goods and services in the United States of America.