October 19, 2023

Dear Community,

As of this date, 13 days after the genocidal attack on Israel by the ISIS- like Hamas, the enemies of Israel appear to taunt us.  They are not aware of the strong unity of the Jewish people throughout the world that has promised never again.  We will support Israel because the fate of our people is tied to the fate of and the land and faith of Israel.

There has been a great deal of outpouring of support by Jews around the world.  The contributions have doubled since the last newsletter and funds are being gathered everywhere.  We are beginning to disburse funds this week.

This will likely be a prolonged war because Hamas=ISIS must be defeated. We must be ready to keep on giving. Please give as if your survival depended on it. Please give till it feels good.  Please remember giving ten times what you were thinking of giving will not affect the quality of your life, but it will make a difference in defending and rebuilding of the maimed and traumatized people and the nation that supports them. 

We have added a Zelle account for your support to Israel. Please select as the Recipient (First name: IAJ / Last name:  Center).  With Zelle, there is no service charge as with credit cards. It is quick and convenient. You can also send us checks made out to IAJF with a note for Israel and send it to 1317 N. Crescent Heights, Blvd., W. Hollywood, CA 90046. It will heal Israel.  It will heal you. Am Yisrael Chai.

In this expanded issue there is a lot of information.  Please read and listen to what interests you.  Please share it with friends and have them subscribe.   We need to reach more people in our community.Shabbat shalom, 
M. Elie Alyeshmerni

Evidence:  From Gaza that the hospital was hit by Gazans – Arabic with translation.

A perspective from the Iranian American Jewish Community
By:  George Haroonian,
Founding member of

The date, October 7, 2023, will live in infamy, for various aspects. Obviously the most prominent will be the viewing of the indiscriminate massacre of innocent young and old, women and children, Jew and non-Jew, the rapes, and burnings. Taking two hundred or more as hostages. Including infirmed Holocaust survivors, babies as old as few months old, young children and young men and women who are clearly being mistreated as shown in the attack by Hamas. These are the greatest atrocities against Jewish people since the Holocaust. 

These showed the world the barbarism and ruthlessness of an ideology based on hatred and annihilation of Israel and Jewish people. And not one based on providing a better life for the Palestinian people. People around the world saw that Hamas terrorists gleefully and proudly took these videos and posted them on social media as proof of their “victory.”  

Another aspect of that unforgettable date has been the reactions in various circles. In the so-called progressive circle, we saw many attempts to justify and explain these crimes. The big lie about “75 years of occupation, apartheid and colonization” and that “resistance fighters” do not have any other choice but to resort to this.
In Universities, we saw naive and indoctrinated students who openly and unabashedly march in support of the Hamas criminals and even threaten the Jewish students or those who disagree with their twisted logic.

Many journalists and reporters in the western media have once again shown their bias towards Israel and her right to defend itself. Instead of unbiased journalists, they acted as political activists. For example, their continuous questioning of the report about Israeli babies which were beheaded by Hamas. Israel was forced to prove this horror, by showing the photos to the world; and still some questioned it. But when Hamas claimed the Gazan hospital was hit by an Israeli bomb and five hundred were killed, it was immediately headlined in many major media, without questioning or checking on the facts. Thankfully, Israel’s investigation brought the truth out. I do not believe the media have learned from this mistake. What started as showing the horrors perpetrated on Israeli people has turned into rage against her, when she is doing what any country would do when attacked. 

The reaction in the large Moslem communities residing in various Western world cities is noteworthy as well. We saw how in London, Paris, New York, Berlin, and many other major cities thousands upon thousands of people who have chosen to live in these countries along with their so-called “freedom loving and anti-imperialist” partners demonstrated, sometimes violently, and defended the massacre of October 7, 2023. As to the so-called “Islamic” countries like Pakistan, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey we saw the backlash towards Israel and the United States, which turned violent with the false news about the hospital. 

What is enumerated above is nothing new for those who follow the coverage of Israel in the media or are aware of the “liberation ideology” dominating politics at college campuses and within progressive circles. It is clear that there is a big divide in our society. This divide and schism have shown the precarious condition of the Jewish communities living in the Western world. Where defending Israel’s right to defend itself is questionable for some. Where murder is justified. 

A noteworthy and important aspect for our community is the exception to the rule reaction of many Iranians to the war against Israel. We have witnessed a surge of support for Israel and against Hamas among Iranians both inside and outside of Iran. We have seen videos of sports fans shouting slogans against the bringing of Palestinian flag to the football stadium, high school students refusing to eat sweets brought to school to celebrate Hamas attack on Israel and shouting slogans against Hamas, when the regime agents were screaming “Death to Israel.”  Iranian people who have first-hand experience for over 43 years under a regime who is the prime sponsor of Hamas and other groups in the periphery of Israel, now have clarity on who is their friend and who is their enemy. Clearly Israel is not their enemy. We have seen many condemn the brutality and savagery of Hamas and its cohorts in the Iranian media based in the West. Many Iranians, particularly the younger generations, have discarded the venomous anti-Jewish propaganda taught under the guise of Islamic teachings. 

Our community has a special task. We as people who have roots in Iran as well as in Israel, are required to play a significant role here. We need to show our appreciation of this support from our compatriots. We need to communicate the shared “destiny” Israeli and Iranians have. 

The Islamic Republic is the head of the octopus. Each tentacle has replaced the welfare of the Iranian People with terror. The Islamic republic is the root cause of all the continuous wars and misery of the people in the region. It is the force that disseminates the anti semitism under the guise of anti-Zionism.

Iranian American Jews need to fully support the Iranian people’s fight for freeing Iran from the tentacles of this demonic regime.
A Tale of Four Cities:  Noach

Do you ever feel as if you are drowning with the demands of life? In Parashat Noach, Hashem actually floods the earth as it is consumed by violence and destruction. Hashem instructs Noach, the only righteous person in the world, to build an ark to float upon the water. Mabul is the Hebrew word for flood and it also means confusion and disorder. Tevah is the Hebrew word for ark and it also means “word”. When there is mabul, or disorder, we need to enter the realm of word, or Torah. Torah and words of prayer enable us to gain wisdom and perspective in times of chaos. By recognizing the challenges of life, we get to know ourselves better and we realize that Hashem has instilled in us the power to restructure our lives.

Dear Community Members, Friends and Family,

Eretz Cultural Center invites you to Stand with Israel, raise awareness against anit-Semitic, anti-Zionist and crimes against humanity taking place in Israel and around the globe. 

You will have an opportunity to hear first hand from community leaders and officials and meet with multiple organizations that are contributing to this cause. 
100% of the funds raised will help support the ones in need.

Eretz Stand with Israel Fundraiser will take place 
Wednesday, October 25th at 7:30pm. Registration is required.

We not only need your prayers but financial help for the very soul and survival of the Jewish people and our beloved homeland of Israel.

Share with your family and friends to join!
Hope to see everyone. Click Here to Reserve

News Interview with Consul General Bachar
NBC Los Angeles

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