Shofar Magzines



The founders of The Iranian-American Jewish Federation Of California believed it essential to start a publication for the Iranian Jewish community in order to open the lines of communication between people and keep them in touch with each other, as well as providing information about the activities of this and other Jewish organizations within the community. This was the idea behind the creation of Shofar magazine
Shofar was first published in 1982, under the creative direction and editing of Homa Sarshar, a well known and loved journalist inside and outside of Iran. The publication reached one of its peek periods under the expert editing and management of Sion Ebrahimi, well known within the community for his pointed editorials and thought provoking short stories. As nothing ever stays the same and change is part of survival, other changes in the management and editing of Shofar followed. Upon Ebrahimi’s retirement from Shofar, for a short period of time Dr. Ruben Melamed published the magazine and later Dr. Shokrollah Baravarian, one of the past presidents of IAJF’s Board of Directors, took over the task.
Now in 2023, and in the new era of digital advancements, the transition from printed magazines to their digital counterparts has become imperative. Today, under the leadership of Mansour Elie Alyeshmerni, the newly elected president, the transformation has been realized through the introduction of a captivating weekly newsletter. This dynamic shift not only embraces the convenience and accessibility of digital platforms but also ensures that readers stay connected and informed in an increasingly interconnected world.
We hope that Shofar will be successful in re-inventing itself in the future, as it has done in the past, in order to keep up with the needs of the community and the people it hopes to serve.

Shofar No. 01 - Sep. 1981

Shofar No. 02 - May 1982

Shofar No. 03 - June 1982

Shofar No. 04 - July 1982

Shofar No. 05 - Aug. 1982

Shofar No. 06 - Sep. & Oct. 1982

Shofar No. 07 - Nov. 1982

Shofar No. 08 - Dec. 1982

Shofar No. 09 - Jan. 1983

Shofar No. 10 - Feb. 1983

Shofar No. 11 & 12 - March & April 1983.

Shofar No. 13 - May 1983

Shofar No. 14 - June 1983

Shofar No. 15 - July 1983

Shofar No. 16 - Aug. 1983