Dear Community, 

Today a large segment of our community came to honor Mr. Yousef Setareh-Shenas for his devotion to highlighting and furthering the Jewish Iranian culture with his superb website called 7dorim.comIAJF recognized today as the Yousef Setareh-Shenas Day (see the commendation below).

We invite you to join us on June 15 at Sinai Temple, when B’nai B’rith along with IAJF join forces to have our former President Dr. Baravarian present his new book to the community (more below).

We also ask you to join us on Thursday June 29, at Neman Hall when our erstwhile Consul General of Israel Dr. Hillel Newman will talk about the period of the Second Temple, his area of expertise. More about this in future Newsletters. 

We are pleased to highlight one of our officers, the Parliamentarian Zohreh Mizrahi who has been a tremendous resource to the Executive Committee (more below).

These days, it is difficult to get deep objective news.  We recommend subscribing (free) to the Foreign Desk with Ms. Lisa Daftari, who was just honored by the Simon Wiesenthal Center as the 2023 Medal of Valor recipient.

Please enjoy Rabbi Lord Sack’s commentary on Bamidbar, especially the translation by the scholar Shirin Daghighian.

Shabbat Shalom

M. Elie Alyeshmerni, President  

BamidbarThe Sound of Silence

  بمیدبار: آوای سکوت


Zohreh Mizrahi, is a senior partner in the firm of Manesh & Mizrahi, APLC, which she co-founded in 1989. As one of the nation’s foremost specialists in her field, she has served as an expert witness on U.S. Immigration Laws in Federal Court and a visiting speaker for various media outlets, as well as many universities nationwide.

While teaching the U.S. Immigration Laws as an Adjunct Professor in the University of West Los Angeles (UWLA), she presides over the Persian American Civic Action Network (PACAN), a non-profit organization which works closely with other active group in empowering civic activism.

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