Dear Community, 

In this issue, you will have a chance to learn a great deal about the Emergency Fund. 

I am so proud of the work of this group because they study every case from multiple angles and help the client towards self sufficiency whenever possible. They visit homes and observe all contributing factors. Since the demands are great, they try to find out if there are governmental and nonprofit, and family resources. They tap into those  first.

My absolute favorite story is (I am changing some details, but the essence is there) – a woman breadwinner lost her job. She was about to lose her home and everything. The two case workers noticed in the conversation of the home visit that she loved to drive. They suggested that she become a Lyft driver. The EF would pay for the down payment of a leased car and make the first six months of lease payments and evaluate at the end of six months.
Would you believe the person called in the fourth month to say that she was doing fine and that EF did not need to make further lease payments? Our community is so lucky to have these professionals making lives easier for many. They deserve your financial support to help many.

I know many generous people who have their own emergency funds to help individuals. Are you doing anything to help them become independent?  If you do not, you are part of the problem. Refer your clients to the EF and support EF. They will be better off. 

On another note, we expect a full house for the lecture by Consul General Dr. Hillel Newman on July 31st. Please be sure to register for the lecture on the second Temple period which covers the Persian , Greek and Roman periods. 

At this time, we are pleased to showcase Susan Azizzadeh, a significant person in our community who besides being IAJF President for eight years, co-chairs the EF with Haideh Herbert Aynehchi about whom you read recently. 

Thank you for your warm reception of these newsletters. Please share them with friends and specially young people. We started these newsletters so we send you one mailing per week. 

A Pleasant Shabbat. 

M. Elie Alyeshmerni

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