Parviz Hakimi was born in Sanandaj, a province of Kordestan in Iran.  Parviz acquired his early education in Iran, then traveled to America as a foreign exchange student. He finished his university work at the California State Polytechnic University with a degree in Industrial Management.  He then returned to his homeland of Iran to aid his country which the Shah was advancing towards the twentieth century.  Upon his return, he completed compulsory military service as an army officer and then worked at the Abadan Refinery.

After four years in Abadan, Parviz was transferred to Teheran. By the time of the Islamic revolution, he had acquired ten years of experience at the Iranian Oil Company.  Following the revolution, he was given even greater responsibility in a new position in the Oil Company where he worked for four and a half years.  Finally, due to the deteriorating situation in post-revolution Iran and the mistreatment of the people by the new regime, he made the difficult decision to escape his homeland with his family and return to America.

They first escaped from Iran to Turkey on horseback in the snow-covered mountains in the middle or winter. They then finally arrived in America via Italy, after nine months of travel.

Since his arrival in Los Angeles, Parviz has been active in the Jewish community, including being a member of the board of each of Eretz Cultural Center (commonly known as “Wilbur Synagogue” or “ECC”), Hebrew Discovery Center, and Beith David Educational Center. He was instrumental in the development and construction of Beith David. In addition, he has served as a representative of ECC in the Iranian American Jewish Federation for the last eight years and as a board member of the IAJF. He is currently the Liaison of Affiliated Organizations at IAJF. 

In 1995, he successfully completed Project Management for Environmental Professionals at the University of California at Los Angeles.

He has two adult children and two grandchildren. His older son is in the field of computers and the younger son is an attorney who has his own law practice.

Parviz is the author of two books: 
          “Turkey: Bridge to Freedom” in English, and
          “Farar Be Souye Azadi” (Escape to Freedom) in Persian

Parviz’s family is and always has been very excited about living in America, the land of democracy and freedom.  He believes that it is a privilege to be free and to be involved in the future of one’s country.  That as a free man he enjoys the right to vote without any pressure from authorities, unlike in some modern-day, dictatorships. 

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