August 3, 2023

Dear Community,

We think we have the solution.  

What is the problem?

The singles in our community do not get a chance to meet each other.


It is difficult to trust information you get through the various dating apps and approaches. You can’t judge if someone is your match or shares your values by looking at their picture and profile on Facebook. This is no way to be introduced to someone, let alone evaluate your compatibility because it has no intellectual, emotional or human touch.

What is the solution?

A dynamic trio of Israeli-born young people have hit upon a way with Loop. Loop isn’t a dating app but rather a matchmaking app where singles and non-singles set up their single friends. Singles can also see their friends’ networks on the app and ask for them for intros, making the job easy for the matchmaker.  Loop provides an opportunity to reliably meet people the old-fashioned way without any pressure but using the latest technology to achieve it.  More about that below.

What can you do?

IAJF is eager to bring Loop to our community in order to create meaningful connections for our members.  Please join our IAJF Loop by using this invite link in order to become a node in our community and introduce singles you know to singles others know. 

Why now?

Today is Tu B’Av, the 15th day of Av, which according to Rabbi Manis Friedman is the second most important day after Yom Kippur in the Jewish Calendar.

In honor of Tu B’Av, members who sign up to IAJF Loop in the next week will be able to see other IAJF members on the app so that they can maximize their impact as a founding node in our community.

What is the significance of Tu B’Av?

It is a 2,000-year-old tradition for singles to meet and marry on this date.  The Talmud talks about young maidens dressed in white dancing in the fields to be noticed by the young men.  We do not need to follow the tradition to the T but can provide an opportunity for our singles interested in marriage to meet someone whose information they can trust.

Our sincere wish:

There are many wonderful young people in our community who should meet.  We hope this free app will help them get there.  It will happen if everyone who knows a few singles creates a node and become an effortless matchmaker.

May we next year on Tu B’Av proudly announce that this campaign has been successful.  It is one of the most important results we can expect.

Please register today and ask your friends to register.  The larger the reach, the more likely people will meet people they have never met.  We are the largest Diaspora Iranian Jewish community in the world outside of Israel.  We can make a difference.

We are grateful to Mr. Joubin Eshaghian for bringing Loop to our attention.

Meanwhile, this week we are showcasing one of our leaders, Sharon Nik, the chair of the Public Affairs Committee of IAJF. She is a passionate fighter for all causes that we Jews care about.  

Shabbat shalom,

M. Elie Alyeshmerni

Eikev:  The Spirituality of Listening
ایکف: قدرت روحانی گوش سپردن

The Torah contains 613 commands, and yet does not contain a word that means “to obey”. The verb used by the Torah in place of “to obey” is shema which means “to hear” or “to listen.” Obeying infers that we are carrying out commands of someone superior to us without question. This distinction is very significant as it shows that Hashem would prefer that we listen, challenge and comprehend the laws given to us rather than follow them blindly. Jews are encouraged to have a deep and clear understanding of what is being asked of them. It may sound simple, but listening is deemed a highly regarded action that keeps our covenant with Hashem and our relationships with each other relevant and strong.

Sharon Nik, a passionate community leader and activist, currently serves as the Co-Chair of Community Engagement Council for ICAN addressing policy on local and state level.

She joined IAJF as an Executive Committee member and Chair of Public Affairs.  As a proud Persian Jew and staunch Zionist,  she brings a unique cultural perspective and a deep-seated commitment to her role, focusing on battling anti-semetism.

Sharon’s dedication to activism is the driving force behind her work. She firmly believes in the transformative power of community engagement and is committed to fostering meaningful connections within diverse communities. Her leadership is characterized by a strong commitment to inclusivity, open dialogue, and proactive action.

Sharon is an artist and creative at heart, currently helps run a family business where she is a financial consultant , bookkeeper, and office manager. Her previous studies were in Art History, Marketing, Fashion Design, and business with extensive work experience in these fields as well. All of this makes her an asset to any project due to her artistic talents and business acumen.

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